Badly in need of a Swedish driver’s license?
Lucky you found us!

If you’re commited, we’re here to help!

Rattens driving school in Sollentuna Centrum has by now helped roughly 10.000 students to obtain their Swedish license. The most important reason for this fantastic number is the location: we’re situated right where you will do your final practical test and therefor all your training will be done in this area. The school is located just outside the mall of Sollentuna and a few meters from the commuter trains and buses. Beside weekdays, we also have slots available during evenings and on weekends so that you can combine your driving lessons with work or studies. And something you didn’t know about us: we’re the only driving school in Sweden with our own fully equipped and authentic Italian espressobar/café for our customers!

Many of our English speaking clients originate from South Asia, India and Middle East and being a liable, friendly and trustworthy school is what makes us the number 1 driving school in Sollentuna among English speakers.

So let us walk you through how we will plan for your license:

Step 1: Visiting us at the school for planning with our friendly and experienced receptionist. We will go through all the necessary steps and ask questions regarding your prior experience and work/school schedule. Already on this day, we will hopefully book your theory test and practical test!

Step 2: You will have driving lessons according to the plan. During this time, you will also study for the theoretical test and participate in the mandatory Risk 1 and Risk 2 courses.

Step 3: You will do the theory test and then the practical test. Hurray to your Swedish driver’s license!

We understand that you might be studying or working. That’s why it’s fully possible to take your driving lessons with us on evenings and weekends.

We estimate the process to take 1-3 months, depending on your abilties and the time you have at your disposal for practicing driving and studying.

It’s important that you are aware of the fact that Sweden has a demanding regulation for obtaining the driver’s license and that you feel commited to the goal.

What package do you need?

Most beginners go with our X-Large package. People with prior experience of driving go with the Large or Medium package. We’re fully flexible so that upgrading, adding or removing lessons is up to you. We will make sure that you get the discount between packages when moving up and if it happens that you get your license and have lessons left, you will recieve full refund.

Start your course within 1 day, press the link below for online payment and our friendly staff will be in touch with you the very same day for booking.

-Online payment for X-Large package with Klarna or card

-Online payment for Large package with Klarna or card

-Online payment for Medium package wtih Klarna or card

It’s also fully possible to obtain an invoice or clear your payment at the driving school.

Call us on 08-29 44 48 or write to us at It will be an honor for us to help you through the process.

PS: don’t forget to bring us cookies after getting your license.

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