Getting A Swedish Driving License, Step-By-Step Guide

Getting a swedish driving license is a milestone in life. It is a freedom to be able to drive a car, when you want and where you want. Therefore, we at Rattens Trafikskola in Stockholm think that you are doing exactly the right thing by planning to start your journey towards getting your driver’s license..

So how does it happen? Getting your driver’s license can feel like a long process, but it can go faster than you think with clear planning. There are a number of different steps you need to take to get your driving licence, from studying theory to practice driving and learning about road safety and risks. In this guide, we go through everything you need to know before your journey towards getting a swedish driving license. We will guide you and set up a plan for the entire driver’s license process when you enroll at Ratten Trafikskola in Sollentuna.

Driving License Authorization-B

With a driving license with authorization B, you can drive passenger cars and light trucks with a maximum total weight of 3,500 kg.

To get a B driving license it is required that:

  •   You have a valid driver’s license permit.
  •   You are permanently resident/studying in Sweden.
  •   You have turned 18 years old.
  •   You have valid risk training.
  •   You have a passed theory & driving test.
  •   You do not have a driving license from another EEA country.

The Road To Driving License

Informational video “The road to a driving license” provide comprehensive information about the various steps to obtain a swedish driving license.

1. Driving license permit

To begin your journey toward your driver’s license, you’ll need a permit. In order to obtain the permit you’ll need to fill a form regarding your health and visit an optician for an eye check.

You can order the driver’s license permit via the Swedish Transport Agency’s E-service, where you fill in the declaration online.

Once these documents are approved, you will receive your driver’s license permit, which is valid for the next five years.

Apply for driving license permit

2. Driving Practice

Next step is to practice how to drive. You can do it in private, with a supervisor, or here with us at Rattens Trafikskola. If you’re practicing in private with a supervisor, we recommend you to take a few lessons together with us as well. That way, your supervisor will get a better understanding of how you can teach someone to drive in a secure way. The more you drive before taking your drivers test, the easier it will get for you to pass the test. Along with practicing how to drive, you’ll also have to study the theoretical part that comes with the drivers license.

You can take separate driving lessons, or book a course package where everything that you need, including the risk course (part 1 and 2) and theoretical materials, is included. You can do it in a manner called ”intensive course” where the aim is to study and practice driving intensively in order to get the driver license in a short time frame.

Prices Drivinglessons
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3. Theoretical Studies

Before or in parallel with the practice run, you need to study the theory. We provide educational material in the form of books, as well as a digital platform with over 1000 questions to practice before the knowledge test. We also have simple tools for training on road signs and traffic rules.

We humans learn in different ways. If you need theory lessons together with a teacher, we can set up a plan for this. If you have dyslexia or any other difficulty, we will help you apply for an extended test time or an oral test.

Prices Theory Course

4. Risk courses part 1 & 2

To be qualified to take your drivers license, you need to complete the risk course that is devided in two parts. The first one, risk 1, is a theoretical course that teaches you about risky behaviors in traffic. You’ll learn about alcohol and drugs in traffic, as well as other behaviors such as tiredness and peer pressure.

The second part of the course, risk 2, is a practical course where you get to learn about risky conditions in traffic. You’ll get the experience of driving on ice and water and learn about the dangers that might come along with it. It takes place in a facility outside Sollentuna.

You can book both parts of the riks courses here at Rattens Trafikskola. They’re mandatory and you need to complete them both in order to book your theoretical exam.

Book Risk Course Part-1
Book Risk Course Part-2

5. Theoretical and practical exam

To obtain your driver’s license, you need to take a theoretical test, as well as a practical test. Both tests take place at Trafikverket (a govermental agency) and you can book them through our website, or at the driving academy with our help.

The theoretical test contains 70 questions about traffic rules, safety, knowledge of the car and the environment. 5 of these questions are only for testing and do not count so to pass the test you’ll need to get 52 out of 65 questions right. You can’t take the drivers test without passing the knowledge test first – so be sure to study hard for it. When you’ve passed the theoretical test, it’s valid for 4 months. Which means that you have 4 months to pass your drivers test, or you’ll have to retake the theoretical test.

The driver’s test takes place at Trafikverket, where you get to present your driving skills. You’ll get to perform a safety check of the car before driving, such as checking the brakes or the tires. After the safety check, you’ll get to drive around with the examiner for a minimum of 50 minutes, in city traffic as well as on country roads. Once the test is done, you’ll be informed right away if you’ve passed or not.

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When you get your license

If you passed your driver’s test – you get your driver’s license! You’re free to drive wherever you want, whenever you want. Be cautious: You’ll have a 2-year trial time with your license, which means that you can lose it if you violate traffic rules. If you do so, you have to retake the tests and the risk courses to get your license back. With that said – remember to always stay safe in traffic and don’t take any unnecessary risks.

And that’s it – the big guide to taking your driver’s license. We hope that you feel more secure after reading this and that you’re ready to begin your journey towards your very own driver’s license.

Welcome to us here at Rattens Trafikskola in Sollentuna Centrum.

Order Forms

Forms that can be ordered:

  • Application for driving license permit with health declaration. and sight certificate.
  • Application tutoring private practice driving.
  • Sight certificate
  • Health declaration etc.
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