About Us

Welcome to Rattens Trafikskola! We’re a local driving school in Sollentuna centrum, founded in 1993. We strive to welcome you as the best driving school in Sollentuna by offering the best customer friendliness experience. Since start, we have helped thousands of students to obtain their driver’s license, and we would love to welcome you as well.

We offer driving lessons, theory lessons, intensive courses as well as risk courses. We provide learning material such as books and a digital platform with over 1000 questions for you to use when studying for your theory test.

We value safety, pedagogics and the environment. We have high standards in regards to our cars, our educators and the safety of our facility. We want our students to succeed in their journey towards obtaining their Swdish driver’s license.

Our students mainly appreciate two things with our driving school: our outstanding and friendly customer service and the fantastic location in Sollentuna Centrum. The school is located in the same area as Trafikverket – who examines their drivers test. Because of our location, our students get to drive in the same area as the tests are conducted, which makes them comfortable with local roads and conditions before the practical exam.

We offer fast, simple and fun education for our students. If you want to take your drivers license in Sollentuna – contantct to us here at Rattens Trafikskola. We guarantee that our customer service and last but not least, our prices, will meet your demands.

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