Theory Course

Theoretical Studies and Tests

To get your driver’s license, you need to take a theoretical test, as well as a practical test. Both tests take place at Trafikverket (a govermental agency) and you can book them through our website, or at the driving academy with our help.

The theoretical test contains 70 questions about traffic rules, safety, knowledge of the car and the environment. To pass the test you’ll need to get 52/70 questions right. You can’t take the drivers test without passing the knowledge test first – so be sure to study hard for it. When you’ve passed the theoretical test, it’s valid for 6 months. Which means that you have 6 months to pass your drivers test, or you’ll have to retake the theoretical test.

The drivers test takes place at Trafikverket, where you get to present your driving skills. You’ll get to perform a safety check of the car before driving, such as checking the brakes or the tires. After the safety check, you’ll get to drive around with the examiner for a minimum of 50 minutes, in city traffic as well as on country roads. Once the test is done, you’ll be informed right away if you’ve passed or not.


Theoretical Course (70 min) with teacher
950 kr per session.


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Package Deals

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  • 5 x Driving Lessons of 70 mins
  • Risk Course Part-1
  • Physical Theory Book
  • Digital Theory & Online tests
  • All Hot Beverages In Our Café
  • Best Price Guarantee
7 700 kr


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  • 10 x Driving Lessons of 70 mins
  • Risk Course Part-1
  • Physical Theory Book
  • Digital Theory & Online tests
  • All Hot Beverages In Our Café
  • Best Price Guarantee
13 300 kr


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 Most Bought
18 400 kr


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23 300 kr


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650 kr
  • Having a hard time deciding? Take a professional assessment lesson that puts your driving skills on test and provides you all the feedback needed. Contact us at or call us on 08-29 44 48 and we will help you right away! Payment for the test lesson is possible via payment link above. Looking forward hearing from you!


Our packages

We offer affordable bundle packages that will be planned according to your needs and your schedule. The setup for our packages are easy and flexible: If you obtain your driver’s license and have lessons left in the package, we will fully refund the remaining lessons. If you need to add more lessons, we will uppgrade that package to the same discount as applied for the larger package. More information here!

Intensive course

Are you in a hurry to obtain your driver’s license? All our packages can be planned in the form of an intensive course, usually during a short period of 1-2 months. You will book your theoretical exam and practical exam in advance and the goal is to obtain your license in this short period of time. We will plan and adjust the intensive course after hearing your requests and you may start the very same day!

Partial Payments

Partial payments for the driving license – practice driving now, pay later!

We can now offer you interest-free installments on your driving license training. This means that you can pay for your driving license training interest-free for up to 24 months at our traffic school. You can pay in the full amount at any time without additional fees and you can pay in installments more than the agreed amount per month.

Please contact us for more details.

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